"Addl Info" - Product Editor

The Additional Information section of your product is optional but contains important details about your product that buyers will find useful:
    • Distributor Only Information
    • Internal Supplier Information
    • Product Size
    • Product Weight
    • Union Made
    • Country of Manufacture
    • Display Date Range
    • Active Date Range
    • Production Time
    • Additional Information

Distributor Only Information: 

Add information that pertains only to distributors when logged into DC here. Any details, like references to your company name, net pricing, or links to your website, can be placed in this field instead of in the Description or Additional Information fields. 

Internal Supplier Information:

Add information that only your employees can see on a product when logged into DC. 


Product Size: 

Enter your products dimensions here. 

Union Made:

Is this a Union Made product?


Country of Manufacture:
What country is this product manufactured in? 

Display Date Range:

Enter the date range that this product should be visible to distributors in search. If the display date range is in the past, the product can still be found by your employees if they're entering orders in DC. 


Active Date Range:

Enter the date range this product should be active in DC. If the active date range is in the past, the product cannot be found in DC searches, but will be listed in your product list for editing.


Production Time: 

Add this product's maximum production time. (Please note: DC's production time is not a range)


Additional Information: 

Any detail that is not fit for your Description and should be visible to all buyer can be added to the Additional Information. 



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