How to Add or Update Product Pricing - Manually

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Add or update product pricing to your products in DistributorCentral.

Accurate and up-to-date pricing prevents unexpected order delays. 

  1. Click Products in the left menu

  2. Click on Add/Edit Products in the submenu

  3. From the product list page, search for the product

  4. Click Edit to the right of the product you need to update

  5. In the product editor, click Pricing to view the Pricing section

  6.  In the product pricing, you'll see a pricing table with the following columns:
    • Quantity
    • Net Price
    • Margin
    • Retail Price
    • Unit/Measure
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Display to Customers

  7. Above the pricing table you'll find price view settings that will display or hide specific pricing types. By selecting these view settings you can update and add pricing to each as needed: 
    • View: Current, Expired, Future
    • Price Type: Quantity Prices, Setup Prices
    • Currency: USD, CAD, etc. 
    • Edit Price Tier - legacy (don't use)
    • Product Version - legacy (don't use)
  8. With Current Pricing, Quantity Prices selected:
    1. Enter your Quantity breaks into the pricing table under Quantity
    2. Skip the Net Pricing column (DC uses the retail and margin to calculate net by default)
    3. Enter your Margin code in Row 1
      • If all margins are the same, click the green down arrow to autofill the margin for each row
    4. Next, enter the Retail Price (notice the Net automatically calculate as the retail price is entered)
    5. Unit of Measure is defaulted to "Each" and doesn't typically need changed
    6. If this pricing is supposed to start immediately, leave the start date as is.
      If not, enter the date this pricing should start
    7. Leave the end date blank unless you'd like this pricing to expire at a specific time, if so, enter that date here
    8. Make sure each available row is checked under the Display to customer's column

  9.  After you've entered your pricing, click Save

Thats it! You've manually updated you product's pricing. 




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