How to Submit Product Images for Import

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Product Images are required for your products to display inside of DistributorCentral. When requesting DC to import new products you'll need to include product images as well.

Ways you can send us product image files: 

  • Use our images spreadsheet to submit direct URLs to you product images
    Export your product images spreadsheet, add the image URLs to column G (to the right of the corresponding product number found in column A), then upload back into the Bulk Product Manager for importing.

  • Upload a ZIP/Compressed file to the Bulk Product Manager
    Name product image files according to the corresponding product, ZIP/Compress the file, and upload it to the Bulk Product Manager.

  • Use a bulk file upload tool like DropBox or WeTransfer
    Remember to name your image files according to the corresponding product 

  • FTP Access
    Remember to name your image files according to the corresponding product


Image Requirements:

  • Image Size
    In DC, product images must be at least 750 x 750 pixels.
    We'll automatically resize this large image to the medium and thumbnail images used throughout DC 

  • File Format
    We accept JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats in RGB color mode

  • File Name
    If you're sending us images via bulk file upload or FTP you must name your image files according to the product it belongs to.
    For instance, if your product number is 123, your image file name would be 123.jpg. This allows us match your product images to the correct product in DC

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