How to Add Imprint Areas to Products

Now that you have Imprint Areas added to your account, you can add the imprint areas to a product and assign options to each imprint area on that product.

  1. In your DistributorCentral account, click the Products menu


  2. Click Add/Edit Products in the submenu


  3. On the Products page, find the product that you are adding an Imprint area too and click Edit to the right


  4. In the product editor, click Options


  5. In the Options section find section 1 labeled "Choose from Imprint areas assigned to this product ("if needed)" 


  6. Click, the Add New Imprint button to the right


  7. In the new window, find the imprint area needed and click Add to Product


  8. The Imprint Area selector window will close and the product editor will reload to show the new Imprint Area under section 1


  9. Next, move down to section 2 to add options to this imprint area


    1. Find the option(s) in the left box labeled "Options (Available)" and click to select


    2. With the option(s) selected, click the right-facing arrow button to move them into the box labeled "Options (Selected)" 


  10. Click the Save button at the bottom to save your changes


  11. Repeat these steps with each imprint area that should be added to your product

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