How to receive PromoStandards Purchase Orders from DC

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Enable PromoStandards PO support to Receive PromoStandards POs from DistributorCentral. 

Contact to get started and our team will work with you to send test orders before enabling Purchase Order support.

Once enabled, here's what to expect from DistributorCentral when new Purchase Orders are submitted!:

New PO received!

New orders submitted by Distributors in DC are sent to you via email. The email notification you get includes a message stating if the order was successfully submitted using your Orders API.


SUCCESS! This PO was delivered using PromoStandards!

POs submitted by Distributors who have API credentials in OneSource are automatically delivered using your Orders API and can already be found in your backend order management system.  


This PO could not be delivered using PromoStandards!

Orders from Distributors who don't have API credentials stored in OneSource can't be delivered using your Orders API. Manually add these POs into your backend order management system, then forward over to your I.T. teams to add the Distributor's credentials. 

Enter the Distributor's unique API credentials into OneSource.

To get PromoStandards Purchase Orders from this Distributor the next time they submit an order through DistributorCentral, your I.T. team must add the Distributor’s API credentials into OneSource. Learn how to add Distributor credentials into OneSource >>

As noted, each Distributor must have credentials stored in OneSource for your PO endpoint. Without credentials, DistributorCentral is unable to deliver POs on behalf of the Distributor by-way-of PromoStandards Purchase Order endpoints. 



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