How to Add an Access Key & Password to Distributors in OneSource

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Add Access Keys & Passwords  to Distributors in OneSource to unlock access to your PromoStandards Order Services & Customer Pricing!


  1. While logged into OneSource, select Data Consumers in the navigation menu

  2. Choose Distributors in the dropdown

  3. On the Data Consumers page, click Add Credentials

  4. In the Add Credentials modal, start typing the Distributor's company name in the Company text field

    A list of existing Distributor matches will appear below the Company name field

  5. Select the Distributor you'd like to add a customer number to

  6. Next, enter the Distributor's Access Key and Password 

  7. Click Save

You've now unlocked this Distributor's access to your Order Services by adding their Access Key and Password to OneSource!



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