How to Add Distributor Customer Numbers to OneSource - Individually

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Add one or more Customer Numbers to Distributors in OneSource to unlock access to your PromoStandards Order Services!


  1. While logged into OneSource, select Data Consumers in the navigation menu

  2. Choose Distributors in the dropdown

  3. On the Data Consumers page, click Add Order Services Access

  4. In the Order Services Access modal, start typing the Distributor's company name in the Company text field

    A list of existing Distributor matches will appear below the Company name field

  5. Select the Distributor you'd like to add a customer number to

    If the Distributor is not in the list, click Create Custom Entry to create a Relationship Consumer Type, and then type the full Company Name in the Company Name Text field that appears

  6. Next, enter the Distributor's Customer Number 

  7. Click "ADD CUSTOMER NUMBER" to add multiple customer numbers for a single customer

  8. Click Save

  9. The Distributor you've added a customer number to will show as "Available" under the Order Services Access column

You've now added a Distributor's Customer Numbers individually!



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