Add a Meet the Team / About Us Page to Your Website

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Introduce customers to the team that makes the magic happen and tell your story with a custom Meet the Team / About us page to add a personal touch to your website!

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, open the website editor. Learn How
  2. Within the Website Editor, click on Pages in the top left panel50-1.png

  3. Click Add New Page within the Pages section

  4. The Add New Page properties window will open50-3.png

  5. Enter the name of your new page (in this example we use Meet the Team)50-4.png

  6. Update the URL slug so its similar to the page name without spaces or capitalizations (example: meet-the-team)50-5.png

  7. The Template field should say "No template selected"

  8. Click Save New Page in the bottom right corner of the Add New Page box

  9. Back under the Pages section in the left panel, find the newly added page and click on it
    This will load the new page in the website editor

  10. Once the new page loads, click Blocks in the top left

  11. Now begin adding content to your Meet the Team / About us page.
    To begin, try the following: 
  12. Once you're done customizing your Meet the Team / About Us page Save your changes before previewing or closing the website editor

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