Technologo is a virtual sampling tool that allows you to upload a logo to any of the items on your website.

Note: You can only have Technologo activated on one website at a time.  

To Activate: 

  1. From your DistributorCentral Dashboard click on Websites (left side menu)
  2. Click on Hosting Manager
  3. Click on the Manage button (next to the website you want to edit)
  4. Click the Preferences (top right)
  5. Once the Website 2.0 Preferences loads, click on the Premium (left side sub menu)
  6. Check the box for "Technologo vSample BASIC"
  7. Click the Add and Manage your Credit Card link if you need to add a Credit Card on file
  8. Click Order (if you see a box pop up click OK)
  9. Refresh your browser page
  10. Click Yes on "Enable Technologo vSample BASIC" on your site.
  11. Click the Save button at the top right to save your changes.

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