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The Packaging tab is used to specify packaging lines for your product.

This information is used to generate freight quotes, and can also be used to track how many shipping labels will be needed for an order, as well as used to track boxes, shipping containers, and inventory.

  1. First select how many packaging standards are used to pack this product
  2. Packaging lines (which you set up under the Shipping Containers link) will appear in the drop down list
  3. Give your packaging standard a name
  4. Select the packaging line in which this product is packed
  5. Specify the quantity of this product in its primary, or smallest shipping container
  6. Fill in the weight. 
    • The weight field refers to the weight of the primary container and is used to calculate weights of larger containers in which smaller containers may be packaged

Options can be added to also affect the way that a product is packaged. 

For Example: If you offer poly bagging as an option for magnets, you may only be able to package 300 magnets in your primary container instead of 500 for products not poly bagged. 

In this case, you would set up two packaging standards; one with the poly bag option highlighted with its appropriate packaging weights and quantities, and a second one without poly bag selected. 

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