"Main Info" - Product Editor

When adding a product, the "Main Info" tab must be filled out before adding other product details like pricing or images. This tab includes the following fields
    • Product Name*
    • Supplier Product #*
    • Style #
    • Style Name
    • Main Description
    • Preferred Placement

*Required Fields

NOTE: The information added to the fields in the "Main Info" tab, will determine how easily your customer can find the product in the search. 

Product Name - Add the product name here. This is required to continue editing other parts of your product.

TIP: Make sure to include relevant and obvious keywords when naming your product in DistributorCentral.

  • Take this product for example: A pen that is named “Firm Grip” in your catalog.
    • Customers who perform a search for a "pen" will not see the "Firm Grip" in the search results unless "pen" is included in the product name or main description: "Firm Grip Pen"

Supplier Product # -  It is best to enter the item number that your customers know the product by. (This can be a catalog item number or an internal inventory number that is widely used to reference the product). By using that same number in DistributorCentral, you are allowing customers to easily find that product in the database when doing a search by "Product Number". 

TIP: Each product in DistributorCentral has to have a unique "Supplier Product #".The only exception to this is when using a "Style #" to differentiate products. 

Style # - The "Style #" is not a required field, but is often used to display product size differences, or different imprint methods available for one SKU or item number. It can be used in conjunction with the "Style Name" to further differentiate variances of one product.  

Style Name - The "Style Name" is another way to differentiate products with the same product number or SKU number.

Main Product Description - The description is used to tell the customer what this product is and how it is used. It's secondary purpose is to optimize the product for searching in DistributorCentral. 

TIP: It's important to include relevant keywords throughout your description to help customers find your product in the database when performing a search that relates to the product. 

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