How to Export Product Data in an ASI-Compatible CSV File

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Export a file of your product data in ASI's CSV file format.

The generated file is formatted to ASI's accepted file format so you can manage your data in one place with DC!

*Please note, you must Activate the ASI Product Data Export Service before you can export a ASI-compatible file.

  1. Select Products in the left menu
  2. Click Bulk Product Data Manager

  3. In the Bulk Product Data Manager, find the Export Product Data section to the rightthree.png

  4. Click Customize Export

  5. In the Customize Export pop up, check that the "Send to" email address is correct

  6. Next, select ASI data under "Prepare your export file"

  7. Click Begin Export. A spreadsheet will be generated and a download link will be emailed seven.png

  8. Click Download Spreadsheet in the email you receive from to download the file


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