How to Create Discount Codes for Your Website

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Follow these steps to add a custom discount code for your website:

  1. From within your DistributorCentral dashboard click the Accounts menu
  2. Choose Discounts 
  3. Now click on Add New Discount to the right.
  4. Then, enter the following details about this discount:
    • Discount Name (* required, shown on the order)
    • Discount ID (* required, shown on the order)
    • Description (optional) 
    • What website this will be available on? (All or a specific website only)
    • Is there a start & end date? (If not, leave blank)
    • Can this discount be combined with other offers? (yes or no) 
    • Should this discount become immediately active? (If not, select No and you can come in at a later time to activate this discount)67-1.png

  5. Once this information is provided, click Save to continue on to the next step in creating your discount.

Next, add the discount trigger

The trigger is the code that the customer will need to enter to apply the discount

  1. Click Add New Trigger to the right67-2.png
  2. Change the Variable to Coupon Code
  3. Make sure the Operator is set to "Equal To"
  4. In the Trigger Value, enter the discount code your customers will need to enter to apply this discount
  5. Make sure that Required is set to "Yes"
  6. Click Save67-3.png

Now that we have the Trigger added, we will add the Effect.
The effect is the discount that's to be applied when the code is entered by the customer.

  1. Click Add New Effect to the right
  2. Change the Variable field to what you want to be discounted within the order.
    Choose from:
    1. Freight - The total of all freight on the current order
    2. Grand Total - The grand total for current order not including taxes
    3. Product Total - The subtotal for current order not including taxes or freight
  3. Add an Effect.
    Choose from:
    1. Flat Discount (i.e. $5 off)
    2. Percent Discount (i.e. 5% off)
    3. Set Value (i.e. The total order costs $5)
  4. Click Save
  5. Your Discount Code is now setup!

In the screenshot below, we have a discount code that is valid for all websites in the account:

If a customer enters 25PROMO in the coupon code section within the order, then the customer will get 25% off the order's product total. 


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