How to Add or Change Navbar Logo

Here's how to add a logo to your website's navigation bar. 
  1. In the the website editor, find your Navbar block in the left side panel.
  2. Click the Pencil icon to the right if the Navbar block, to open up the Navbar editor. If you don't see the Navbar block in the left panel follow these steps
    1. In the left side panel, click the Settings button found at the top, next to Library
    2. After clicking Settings, find the Global section 
    3. Click Edit Navbar under Global
    4. You will be taken to the Navbar Editor
  3. Within the Navbar Editor, find the section labeled Brand. You'll see 2 options under the Brand section: Use Text & Use Image
  4. To add your logo, make sure the Use Image radio button is selected
  5. Click the Change Image button under Use image
  6. Clicking the Change Image button will open the Image Library where you can upload your new image
    1. From the Image Library, click the Upload image link
    2. Click Select Files on the Upload Images window
    3. Find your logo image within the files on your computer (be sure that your logo is in JPG or PNG file format) and click Open
    4. Your image will start uploading immediately, once it has completed, click Done
  7. Back within the Image Library, click on your logo to load it into your Navbar brand section, under Use Image
  8. Click Done within the Navbar Editor
  9. You should see your new image in your website's navigation bar
  10. Click Save to save your


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