Edit links in the Link Library

Manage links saved within your website's Link library. Any link saved there will be available to easily access within many of the content blocks. Block types such as the Navbar, Link Bar, Carousel, Written Content, and more have customizations that let you link the content to a link within your library. 

Edit existing links in your Link Library by following these steps: 

  1. With the website editor open, click the Library button in the top left
  2. Next, click the Link option under Library to open the Edit Links window.
  3. Within the Edit Links window, click the Edit option to the right of and existing link.
  4. Now the Edit Link window should pop open, you can change the following: 
    • Link Name - Change the display name within the Link Bar block type, and within the link list
    • URL - change the URL of the link
    • Do not change the URL for custom HTML and CSS, this is an internal path only. 
  5. When you've completed your changes, click the Done button to close the Edit Link window
  6. Next click the Done button to close the Edit Links window
  7. Lastly, Save your website changes

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