Editing Other Pages of your Website

Your website on DistributorCentral is made up of multiple pages. These pages can be customized just as much as your Home Page, from within the Website Editor. This help guide will give you the basics to editing other pages on your website.

  1. Launch the Website Editor from your DC Dashboard > Websites > Hosting Manager > click the Manage button > click the Edit button.
  2. Inside the Website Editor, click on the tab labeled "Pages" towards the top left of the screen.
  3. The list that displays are all of the other pages that make up your website. (see example below)60-1.png

  4. Click on one of the page names, to edit that page.
  5. In this example we will click on "contact" to edit the Contact Us page and make sure our contact form is being sent to our e-mail address.
  6. Double-click on any of the elements that display on the right section of your website editor window. In this example, double-click anywhere on the fields that make up the Contact Us form. (see below)


  1. The Contact Form properties window should be displayed on your screen. (see below)60-3.png

  2. In the first field: Email Notification, click the dropdown menu, and make sure the correct contact person/email is selected. This is the email address that the Contact Us form will be sent to when a customer visits your website and sends the contact form. 
  3. You can customize what fields display on your Contact Us form, or are required fields, as well as some other options.
  4. When finished, click the Done button at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Then, click the Save button to publish your changes to your website.

To edit a different page of your website, click on another page name from the Pages tab.

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