Block Types: Product Category List

What is the Product Category List block? 

The Product Category List block shows the available categories for your customer to browse through. The links can display in 3 formats: 

  • Master - The Master list type is the smallest category list because it only displays a list of master categories 
  • Full - The Full list type is the largest category list and displays sub-categories
  • Masonry - The Masonry list type is our newest display type. It displays a grid of master category images

How to add the Product Category List block

  1. In the the website editor, go to the panel on the left and find Current Page
  2. Under Current Page, click the + icon to the right of the row you wish to add a carousel to.
  3. In the Select Block Type pop up window, click on Product Category List
  4. After you have clicked on Product Category List, the Select Block Type pop-up window will disappear, and you will see the new block added last in the row in the left panel, and it will be highlighted in blue. 

How edit the Product Category List block:

  1. In the left-hand panel, find the Product Category List block
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the Link block
  3. The Product Category List editor window will pop-up
  4. Within the Product Category List editor, select the catalog to display.
    1. You can control when product catalog you want the categories to pull from.
      1. If you select a specific catalog that only has a few categories, your list will only show those certain categories.
  5. Next, choose the category list type you would like to display: Master, Full, or Masonry.
  6. If you have chose either the Master, or Full display, you can now choose the number of columns you want to use to display the categories.
  7. When complete, click Done in the bottom right
  8. Lastly, Save your changes 

Please note:
You do not have control over the images that display for the Masonry Category List type.

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