How to Select & Add Products to My Website

Your website comes pre-loaded with All Products in DistributorCentral. If you'd prefer to only offer a select group of products on your website, create a Product Collection and add filters to target the products you will be selling.

1. To start, visit your website's Product Collection Manager:

  1. Click Websites on the left-side menu
  2. Click Hosting Manager
  3. Click Manage to the right of your website
  4. Within the website manager, find Product Collections in the bottom right, and click the Manage button there

2. From your website's Product Collection Manager, add a New Product Collection:

  1. In the Product Collection Manager, click Add Collection to the right26-2.png

  2. Click the title of the new Product Collection. (“New Collection” is automatically assigned as a temporary title
  3. Enter the new Product Collection title
  4. When you’re done click elsewhere on your screen to close title edit mode & to save your changes

3. Once your Product Collection is created, start adding filters to target your specific product groups:

  1. Next, click Add Filter to the right within your Product Collection

  2. In the Add Filter window, click on a filter to add to your Product Collection26-4.png

  3. Apply the filter criteria
  4. When you’re done, click Save

4. Now that you have a Product Collection created and filters applied, we can Publish the Product Collection to your website:

  1. In your Product Collection Manager, find the Overview section26-7.png

  2. Within the Overview section, review the changes you’ve made before clicking the Publish button

  3. After clicking Publish, a window will pop up and indicate what’s been changed, if everything looks right here, click Publish All Changes

  4. The changes to your Product Collections will now be available on your website

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