Generate Collection Link & Add it to a Linkbar block

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Follow these steps to create a catalog link and add it to your Linkbar block:

  1. In your Website Editor, click on Library button in the top left
  2. Next, click Links in the options below Library
  3. The Edit Links window will pop up, within it click Add Collection Link at the top
  4. Click the collection in the next screen that you'd like to add a link for
  5. Next, to add that link to your Linkbar, find your Linkbar block in the left panel
  6. To the right of your Linkbar block, click the Pencil icon to open the Linkbar editor
  7. When the Linkbar editor opens, click the Add Link button in the Link Bar window that pops up
  8. Find the newly created Collection link and click on it to add it to your link bar
  9. You can drag and drop the link to sort the order of each link
  10. When complete, click Done
  11. Save your changes at the top right of the editor to save all changes

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