How to Setup the DC & ShipStation Integration

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Integrate ShipStation with DC to easily ship DistributorCentral's orders!

  1. While logged in to ShipStation, click Account Settings (the gear icon in the top right) one.png

  2. Next, click Selling Channels under Import Orders

  3. Then click Connect a Store or Marketplacethree.png

  4. Type "Custom Store" in the search box 
  5. Select the Custom Store tile :

  6. Fill out the fields as follows:

    URL to Custom XML Page
    Username DC API ACCOUNT ID ( Follow these instructions)
    Password DC API ACCESS KEY ( Follow these instructions)
    Awaiting Payment Status unpaid
    Awaiting Shipment Statuses paid
    Cancelled Status cancelled
    On-Hold Status on_hold
  7. Then, click Connect

Next you'll name your store: 

  1. Click the ellipsis next to the new New Custom Store Store entryB-one.png

  2. Click Edit Store Details, in the drop down menu to see all available settings for your storeB-two.png
  3. Type "DistributorCentral" or "DC" in the Store Name fieldB-three.png

  4. Then click Save Changes

Your store is now setup in ShipStation! Now you can filter orders by your "DistributorCentral" or "DC" store integration on the Orders page in ShipStation:


Helpful tips for using DistributorCentral's ShipStation Integration:

  • All order #'s are prefixed with the DC Order Number
    For example:1234567-987654 (with 1234567 being the DC order number) 
  • You can search ShipStation by the DC Order Number to find shipments related to that order
  • Orders with multiple addresses are separate orders within ShipStation to allow you to easily ship to multiple addresses
  • Tracking numbers are automatically added to your DC order once you print a label for that order

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