How to Add Related Products: Companion Sell

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Related products "Companion Sell" type

Companion Sell products go hand-in-hand and are frequently sold with the with whats currently being viewed .

Companion Sell products display at the bottom of product detail pages under the You Might Also Like section in DC and on DC Distributor websites. They are also made available in the OneSource API. 

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Follow these steps to add Companion Sells to a Product or Update Related Products in Bulk:

  1. While logged into DistributorCentral, click Products

  2. Choose Add/Edit Products

  3. On the Products page, find the product

  4. Click Edit to the far right

  5. When the Product Editor load, click Related Products

  6. In the Related Products section, under Companion Sell, find the product(s) that are frequently sold with the product you are currently editing

  7. Click the Plus button to add the Companion Sell to the Selected Products section to the right

  8. Repeat this process until all Companion Sell products are added

  9. Click Save to the bottom right of the Companion Sell section



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