Getting Started with Related Products

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Helping buyers discover the perfect product!

Recommend a product to a buyer based on the product they are currently viewing!

At DistributorCentral, we offer three different types of related products to enhance your distributor's & end-buyer's shopping experience:

  1. Companion Sell
    These are products that go hand-in-hand with whats currently being viewed.
    How to Add Related Products: Companion Sell

  2. Substitute
    In case your buyer's first choice isn't quite what they need, recommend product alternatives.
    How to Add Related Products: Substitute

  3. Common Grouping
    Product variations grouped together for added visibility and convenience.
    How to Add Related Products: Common Grouping

You can find these related products on the product details page within DC, on Distributor websites, and they're also accessible through the OneSource API.


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