How to Add Special Pricing for Distributors in OneSource - Bulk

  1. While logged into OneSource, select Data Consumers in the navigation menu

  2. Choose Distributors in the dropdown

  3. On the Data Consumers page, click Export (shown n the Distributor table)

  4. Choose Download as CSV

    This export will include Distributors and their special pricing (if available)

  5. When the CSV file downloads open the file

  6. In the Distributors file, find the Distributor under the Company Name

  7. Next to the Distributor's company name, in the Discount % and/or EQP Column, add the Distributor's Special Pricing details

  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 as needed

  9. Save your changes

  10. When you're done adding customer numbers, go back to the Data Consumers page inside OneSource

  11. Click Import in the table

  12. Click Select file

  13. Choose & Open the CSV file that includes your Distributor's Special Pricing

  14. The file will upload and import automatically

  15. When the import successfully completes, close the Import Data Consumers dialog box

  16. The distributors you've added a Special Pricing too will show the Special Pricing Details under the Special Pricing column

You've now added Special Pricing for Distributors using OneSource!


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