How to Update Special Pricing for Distributors in OneSource


  1. While logged into OneSource, select Data Consumers in the navigation menu

  2. Choose Distributors in the dropdown
  3. Next, search for the specific Distributor by typing their company name in the search box above the Distributors table

  4. When you've found the Distributor you want to give access to, click the actions icon to the far right of their company name

  5.  In the Actions dropdown menu, click Manage Special Pricing. 
    (the Manage Special Pricing dialog box will appear)

  6. Next, update the Special Pricing details 
    You can specify a specific price column this Distributor can access (3rd column), add a percent discount (5% off), or a combination of both (5% off 3rd column)

  7. Click Save

Now that you've specified special pricing for this Distributor, the next time they access your product pricing information via OneSource, they will receive this special pricing!




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