How to Add Imprint Areas

Follow these steps to edit existing imprint areas in your account.

  1. Go to the Products menu
  2. Click on Advanced Features

  3. Click on Imprint Areas

  4. Click on the Add New Imprint Area button.


  5. Fill out the imprint area details:

    • Name: Enter the name of the imprint area. Some examples: Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Lower Right, etc.
    • Description: Enter the Imprint Area description. For example, you may have a Back imprint area for embroidery and a separate Back imprint area for screen-printing.
    • Required Imprint Area?: Select whether or not the imprint is required on a product.
    • Maximum Imprint Lines: Input the maximum number of imprint lines available.
    • Length: Enter the length, if applicable. Must be in decimal form. No fractions are allowed.   For example, if the length is 1 ½”, you need to enter 1.5.
    • Width: Enter the width, if applicable.
    • Height: Enter height, if applicable.
    • Radius: Enter radius, if applicable.
    • Special Instructions: Enter any special instructions regarding the imprint area.
    • Decoration Limit: Enter "0" for unlimited options, or enter max no. of options available for this imprint location. For example, some imprint locations are allowed only one decoration method, (screen printing OR embroidery) while some imprint areas may allow multiple decoration methods. (screen printing AND embroidery). 
  6. Save your changes when complete.

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