How to Manage Product Attributes for Your Products

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What are Product Attributes and Where to Manage them

Product attributes are additional characteristics of your product. Product attributes are used by distributors and end-buyers to drill down to or create specific product sets inside DC and on websites.

With DistributorCentral's Bulk Product Manager you can download a spreadsheet of your attribute data and automatically import new or updated product attributes in bulk at your convenience. 

From the Bulk Product Manager page, you can do the following: 

  • View the current status of active imports
  • Get previous import details like Created Date, Started Date, Completed Date, Product update count, & Error Count
  • Even download previous updates you've imported. 

Update your attributes using DC's Product Attribute Importer/Exporter 

  1. To get started, export your product attributes >> 
  2. Bulk update your products' Bullet Points, Keywords, Color Information, and other Product Data Attributes in your exported attribute spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. 
  3. When you're done, simply, upload your spreadsheet into our automated importer, found on the Bulk Product Manager page
  4. Once uploaded, your updates will import automatically. 

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