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OneSource offers easy access to PromoStandards data from a single location using a robust API that can easily handle millions of requests. OneSource’s web services are standard SOAP APIs to match the PromoStandards organization’s active APIs, however, you can look forward to JSON/REST and GraphQL versions in the future.
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When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new, dated version is released. Read our API upgrades guide to learn more about backwards compatibility. All requests use the version set on your OneSource API key.

API Upgrades

Keep track of changes and upgrades to the OneSource API. Your API version set on your API key controls the API and webhook behavior you see (for example, what properties you see in responses, what parameters you're permitted to send in requests, and so on). Your version gets set when you create your API key within the OneSource Portal.

When a breaking change is introduced to the OneSource API, a new dated version is released. To avoid breaking your code, we don't change your version until you're ready to upgrade. You may upgrade your version set on your API key within the OneSource Portal.

Backwards-compatible changes OneSource considers the following changes to be backwards-compatible:

  • Adding new API resources.
  • Adding new optional request parameters to existing API methods.
  • Adding new properties to existing API responses.
  • Changing the order of properties in existing API responses.
  • Changing the length or format of opaque strings, such as object IDs, error messages, and other human-readable strings.

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