Order Status: Import via FTP Upload

Usage:  Add/update Order Status records to the OneSource database

    1. Download our blank CSV Order Status template: Download Blank CSV Order Status Spreadsheet
      Want to learn more about OneSource's Order Status CSV Spreadsheet? View Field Descriptions
    2. Fill out the blank spreadsheet with your Order Status information

    3. Save your CSV Order Status spreadsheet to your computer making sure to name your file as follows: {servicetype)_{anyname).csv 
      For example your order status file should look something like this: odrstat_abc123.csv
      Please note
      , you must include all fields even if they are blank.

    4. Upload the CSV spreadsheet using our FTP upload process


FTP Details
Protocol: SFTP

Hostname: ostransfer.dc-onesource.com
Port: 22
Username is yourAPI Key
Password is your API Password 
How to create an API Key & Password >>


FTP Folder Name Description
import Files put in the import folder are automatically processed and imported by OneSource
errors The error folder holds files that could not be processed due to an error during the import
archive Successfully processed files are placed in the archive folder
manual Files placed here are manually processed. Please don't use this folder unless directed


File Specifications: 

Required File Format:   csv 
Required File Name Format:   {os)_{anyname).csv   For example your order status file should look something like this: odrstat_abc123.csv

OneSource's CSV Order Status spreadsheet format is recommended for the most efficient import/update process.
Contact support@dc-onesource.com with questions about other spreadsheet formats that may be accepted.

Need help using our FTP?
View our FTP Upload Help Guide >>


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