FAQs for PromoStandards PO Support (DC-Hosted Suppliers)

Are OneSource PO’s added into my DistributorCentral Supplier account? 

OneSource’s PromoStandards POs are not automatically entered into the your DC account, therefore, like other emailed POs, the new orders MUST be keyed into your order management system. 

Will DC’s PO email notifications change? 

Nope! The PromoStandards Purchase Order details from OneSource are separate & unique from the DistributorCentral PO's & order notifications. As a result, you will continue to receive the DistributorCentral PO email notification in addition to new OneSource PO email notifications. 

How does OneSource know which contact should receive the new PO email notifications?

Your Main and Order contacts were exported from DistributorCentral and imported into OneSource. New POs received by OneSource are sent to your Order contact (if available. If there is no Order contact we’ll send the PO to your Main contact instead - just like we do in DistributorCentral today.

What email address does the OneSource PO come from? 

You will receive the email notification from no-reply@dc-onesource.com.
Note: You'll receive a bounce-back message if you try to reply to the OneSource PO email. You must reach out to the Distributor directly (the Distributor’s contact information is provided in the PO details).

What does the OneSource PO email look like?

Here is an example of what the POs will look like: 


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