OneSource FAQ's

What is OneSource? 

OneSource began as a vision over two decades ago at DistributorCentral. Today, OneSource is an affordable solution for every supplier, regardless of technical expertise or size, to create and share PromoStandards data. Furthermore, Distributors and Service Providers can access every supplier's PromoStandards' data endpoints from a single location all while only using one set of API credentials with OneSource. 

Why OneSource?

OneSource's single point of access is vital in saving time and resources without compromising the accuracy and quality of supplier product data offered to buyers. Without OneSource, supplier's and distributors would need teams of developers working around the clock to send and receive the most up-to-date product data in an accurate and standardized format. 

How is OneSource different from DistributorCentral?

OneSource is an extension of DistributorCentral's platform.

While DistributorCentral is a business solution for suppliers and distributors to manage products, orders, websites, and customers, OneSource focuses on product data to further the adoption of PromoStandards in the Promotional Products Industry.

What is PromoStandards? 

PromoStandards is a product data integration standard for the Promotional Products Industry. PromoStandards increases the speed and accuracy of product updates & information shared between suppliers & distributors. As a result, the implementation of PromoStandards greatly improves the overall customer service experience. 

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Do I need a OneSource account if I already have a DistributorCentral account? 

Yes. Separate accounts are needed for DC and OneSource.

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