How to Create an API Key & Password ( I.D. & Password )

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Once you have an account set up with OneSource, you'll only need one set of credentials to access each supplier's product data within OneSource. 

Note: OneSource's API Key & Password is PromoStandards' I.D. & Password

  1. Log in to your OneSource portal to get started
  2. From your OneSource dashboard, click API in the menu at the top

  3. Next, choose API Keys 9.png

  4. On the next page, click + Create New API Key

  5. After you click the + Create New API Key button, an API Key ID ( I.D. in PromoStandards) will be generated in the Keys table

  6. Directly below the row with your Key ID, you will see your Key Password (Password in PromoStandards)
    Be sure to safely save your password alongside your ID because it WILL NOT be saved in your OneSource Portal for future viewing. This is for security purposes.


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