How to Use a Custom Request Form

Use your own Request More Information form on your website to collect data about product requests and send them to your CRM.
*Before you begin, you'll need source code for a custom form from your CRM.

When you have the form code, follow these steps to set it up on your website: 

First, add the custom form to a new page

  1. In your website editor, create a new page. In this example, I created a page called "form"

  2. Once your page is created, click on the new page in your page list to open it in the website editor.
    After clicking your new page, the top of your website editor, it will say your Currently editing the "New Page"76-2.png
  3. To the left, click Blocks

  4. Under the Current Page section, find Row 1 and click the plus icon (+) to the right 76-15.png

  5. In the Select Block Type list, click Custom CRM

  6. Now, in the left panel, find Row 1 and underneath it you'll see the Custom CRM block. Click the Pencil icon found to the right of Custom CRM

  7. In the Custom CRM block, click the Source button76-7.png

  8. Next, paste in the custom form code from your CRM
  9. With the code pasted add the Custom CRM Codes in their appropriate fields to ensure that the correct data is passed into your form76-8.png

  10. Click Done in the bottom right
  11. Click Save at the top of your website editor to save your changes

Next, we will enable the "Use Custom CRM" preference on your website

    1. In the left panel, click Pages
    2. Click "product" in the page list to open your Product page76-9.png

    3. With the Product Page open in the website editor, click Blocks76-10.png

    4. Under Current Page, Row 1 click the Pencil icon to the right of Product Details76-11.png

    5. In the Product Details dialogue box, find the Request More Info section
    6. Change Use Custom CRM to Yes76-12.png

    7. Click Change Page under "What page is the Custom CRM on?"76-13.png

    8. Next, click your new form page in the Select Link window76-14.png

    9. After clicking your new page, click Done in the Product Details box
    10. Click Save at the top of your website editor to save your changes

Now when a customer click requests more product information on your website, they will be sent to your custom form page that will send the submitted data to your CRM

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