Carousel Image Specs

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The below guidelines can be used to to create banner images for your website's carousel.
All images within your carousel should be the same size and should be saved in RGB image color mode with a resolution of 150 ppi.

Find the template you used to create your website for the exact carousel image specs originally used on the template's carousel.

Summer Shop 1280 x 374
Golf Promo Shop 2500 x 967
Swag Universe 3400 x 983
Calendar Pop Up Shop 1200 x 300
Made in the USA 2545 x 659
Southern Plus 1880 x 1034
Vertical Design Template 1932 x 419
Hat Game Promotions 2514 x 1474
Covid-19 1880 x 1034
Streamline 1880 x 900
Natural 1600 x 400
Powerful Promotions 1600 x 400
Inspire 1600 x 400
Adventure 1998 x 1157
Starter Website Template 1600 x 400
My Company Template 1600 x 400
Shopper 1600 x 400
Modern 1024 x 534
All image specifications are in pixels.  

If you didn't find the website template you used listed above it may be because the template did not originally have a Carousel block. 

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