Block Types: Featured Product

What is a featured product block? 

The "Featured Product" block type is an area of your website to show a product that you choose. The block will include an image and link to the product detail page for more information or for your customer to start an order. Most often, you will see 3 or 4 featured products in one row.

How to add a featured product block: 

  1. In the the website editor, go to the panel on the left and find "Current Page"
  2. Under "Current Page", click the "+" icon to the right of the row you wish to add a featured product to.
  3. In the "Select Block Type" pop up window, click on Featured Product
  4. After you have clicked on the "Featured Product" block, the pop-up window will disappear, and you will see the new block added last in the row under the left panel, and it will be highlighted in blue. 

How to edit a featured product block:

  1. In the left-hand panel, find the "Featured Product" block
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of "Featured Product""
  3. The "Featured Product" editor window will pop-up
  4. Below are the changes that can be made to the featured product block type: 
  • Currently selected:
    Under this section, you can choose the product that you want to feature in this block
    1. Click on Change
    2. Select a catalog you would like to search through
    3. Type in a keyword or item number for the product you want to display
    4. Click Search
    5. Find the product in the results list below the search bar
    6. Click on the product to select it
    7. Continue through the block editor before clicking Done and then Save your changes. 
  • Show product description: 
    • Select whether you would like to show the description of the product or not

  • Show pricing:
    • Select whether the pricing will be displayed or not

  • Price summery type: 
    • Choose whether the block will show a price range or a minimum price
  • Price summery callout text: 
    • Choose which callout text will display before the pricing in the block. Default is "As low as".
  • Delete block: 
    • The red box with a trash icon in the bottom left corner of the window will delete the block altogether. 

  • Done:
    • Click Done to close the block editor. Please note, you will need to click Save in the website editor to save the changes made to the block. 
    • Once your block editor is closed, you can adjust the block width. 

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