Adding Pages to Your Website

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  1. Within the Website Editor, click on the Pages tab (top left).
  2. Click the Add New Page button.
  3. The Add New Page properties window will display (see below).
  4. When you are finished, click the Save New Page button.
  5. Click the Save button to publish your new page to your website.


  • Name: The name you enter here becomes part of the Title tag for this new page in your website code, and will display on the web browsers tab, bookmark, meta tag, etc.

  • URL Slug: Enter the name you want this page to use for the URL of this page. e.g.: "specials" would be viewed by going to, "monthly-special" would become
    Learn how to create a custom URL to this new page >>  

  • Template: If you have an existing page on your website that you want to use as a starting point for this new page, choose it from the dropdown. You can then edit it as necessary, without affecting the page you use as the template. If you select "No template selected" it will use your Global header and footer, and the Current Page area will be blank (no blocks).

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