How to Create a Product Collection for Your Website

Follow these steps while logged into your dashboard to create a product collection for your website:

    1. Click Websites on the left-side menu
    2. Click Hosting Manager
    3. Click Manage to the right of your website
    4. Within the website manager, find Product Collections in the bottom right, and click the Manage button there8-1.png

    5. From the Product Collection Manager for that website, click Add Collection8-2.png
    6. When your new Product Collection is generated, rename your new collection:
      • Click the title of the new Product Collection. (“New Collection” is automatically assigned as a temporary title)
      • Enter the new Product Collection title
      • When you’re done click elsewhere on your screen to close title edit mode & to save your changes
    7. Now that you’ve added a new title, click Add Filter to start defining products for this Product Collection 

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