How to Send Reorder Emails Individually

Here's how to send Reorder emails to your customers one-by-one.

  1. While l logged into DC click Orders in the left menu

  2. Select Send Reorder Reminders (the Send Reorders page will load)reorder-3-2.png

  3. Customize the email message if needed1.png

  4. Scroll down to the Reorders to Send section to view all reorders to view all reorders that are ready to be sent to customers2.png

  5. All reorders are selected by default, deselect all reorders by clicking the checkbox next to "Send Reminder?" 3.png

  6. Then click the checkbox to the left of the order to select it4.png

  7. With your order, click Send Reorder Emails to send email notification to your customer!5.png

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