Report Incorrect Distributor Contact Information

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Suppliers can submit updated distributor information to DistributorCentral for review. Once we've reviewed and confirmed the update, we will make the change.

The following steps will show you how to submit a request: 

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, click the Distributors menu on the left
  2. Now click Distributor List
  3. On the Distributor List page, pull up the distributor using the distributor search
  4. When you have the distributor in your list, click the information icon to the far right
  5. From the distributor's main info page, click the Report Incorrect/Updated Contact Info button towards the top of the page
  6. A new tab will open where you can select the reason for the submission (this is most often left as Incorrect/Updated Contact info)
  7. Next, add the details of this update. Be sure to include what is incorrect (i.e. address, email address, name, etc.) and what it should be updated to
  8. Finally, include additional details in the comments. This could include how you found that this information is out of date for example. 
  9. Confirm your name and email is correct
  10. Then click the Submit Corrections button when complete


**Please note that DistributorCentral reviews these submissions and will contact the distributor for confirmation when needed. These correction suggestions are typically processed within 1 business day (or sooner if otherwise indicated in the comments of the submissions).

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