Suppliers Quick Quote

Create a quick email quote for any of your items. Once created, your Distributors can easily convert these quotes to orders in their DistributorCentral account.

  1. To start, log in to your DistributorCentral Supplier account
  2. If you're using SupplierCentral, the supplier statistics dashboard, click Go To Orders Dashboard to access the Orders dashboard
  3. Once the Order Dashboard load, go to the bottom right of the screen to find the Quick Quote section 
  4. Enter any Product number, that you offer in DistributorCentral, in the Product No. field
  5. Next, enter a quantity in the Quantity field
  6. Click Add Item
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to add multiple products to the quote if desired
  8. Once finished, click on Create Quote
  9. This will send you to the Quote Review and Confirmation page where you can add a customer, add your logo, and change the quote details.
    1. Click Update/Change Logo/Header Image to add a new logo. Once you've added a logo once, that logo will load for any future quotes as well.
    2. Click Lookup Distributor to find and assign a distributor to this quote. Once a distributor is assigned, they can find your quote in their DistributorCentral account where the distributor can easily convert to an order.
    3. Customize Quote details like product image, description, pricing, freight, and even details like disclaimers and other details 
  10. Click Finish to save your changes and complete your quote
  11. Once created, the Preview Quote page will show the Quote Number, and who it was created by, along with your logo, distributor info, and product details 
  12. To send the quote, click on the Email Quote button at the top. From the Email Quote page:
    1. Confirm the correct email address is pre-filled in the Recipient Email, add CC's or BCC's if needed
    2. Confirm the recipient's name or enter a new name
    3. Review or Edit the Subject 
    4. Select to send as an attached PDF, a link, both an attached PDF & Link, as HTML, or both PDF & HTML

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