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Product videos are an engaging way to inform customers about your products in DistributorCentral. 

Now you can easily add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your products! All you need is the unique video key found at the end of the video share URL. Once you have your video key follow these steps to improve the impression customers have of your product by adding an informative product video. 

  1. From your DistributorCentral account, enter a product number in the product search box
  2. Hit Enter or click Search to find the product
  3. Click Edit to the far right of the product you are wanting to add the video to
  4. When the product editor loads, find the Attributes link to the right and click on it
  5. After the product attributes page loads, click the Multimedia Product Information option to the left
  6. Under Additional Attributes, scroll down to the Video Host fields
    1. You can upload a video for both External websites & Distributors Only (videos with your logo in it should be Distributor Only videos) 
  7. Select the video host your video is hosted with (either YouTube or Vimeo)
  8. Scroll down to the Video Key field and add the video key string
  9. Scroll back to the top of your screen and click Save to the top right

Once the video attribute is saved, you can preview your product with the video: 

  • Click the "Product Editor" link found under the product name and number to the left of your screen
  • From the product editor page, click the Preview button to view your product video
  • The video is added to the left of the product under any Additional Images loaded on the product and is represented by a blue play button
  • Click on the video to play it
  • When you're done watching the video, click outside of the video window to close it


  • The Video Key is the unique string found at the end of video share URLs
    • For example, here is a share URL from a DistributorCentral YouTube video:
    • The Video Key is the last part: fuPqPXfuKr8
  • If you don't see your video, try clicking the "Force Product Update" button in your product editor. Then click the Preview button again to refresh the product preview

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