Shipping Containers

The Shipping Containers page lists any shipping containers or boxes that you have set up for your account. 

To add a shipping container:

  1. Go to the Products menu
  2. Hover over Advanced Features 
  3. Click on Shipping Containers
  4. Click Add New Shipping Container button
  5. Fill out the following information:
    1. Container Name - Enter a name for your container. A name can be a number or text.
    2. Container Description - Enter a description to help identify this container.
    3. Inventory Number - If this container has been assigned an inventory number for internal inventory control, enter it here.
    4. Height - Enter the height of the container here, if applicable.
    5. Width - Enter the width of the container here, if applicable.
    6. Length - Enter the length of the container here, if applicable.
    7. Diameter - If the container is cylindrical, enter the diameter here.
    8. Empty Container Weight - If the container, when empty, has a weight that may influence shipping weights or freight quotes, enter it here.
    9. Container Active - Specify whether or not this container is currently active.
  6. Save your changes

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