Rules allow you to configure specific option choices that may not be chosen during the ordering process based upon the selection of certain options. 

For example: A user selects a pen barrel that is red; you do not allow a "red" imprint color on a "red" barreled pen. Using this feature, you will set up a rule that states when a user selects a barrel color of "red" that the imprint color "red" will not be available.

To enter a new Rule:

  1. Go to the Products menu
  2. Click on Advanced Features 
  3. Click on Rules
  4. Choose one of the "Rule Types" and click Edit to the right
  5. Choose the Add New Rule button
  6. Enter a name for the rule, and a description
  7. Choose the type of options to which this rule applies - (it will take affect if this option type is selected)
  8. Choose the Option type affected by the rule - (the rule will alter this option type if the above is selected)
  9. Click Save
  10. You will see the "Options Affected" tab appear under "Main Rule Info", click on Options Affected
  11. In the left box, choose the option to which the rule applies - (if will take affect if this exact option is selected)
  12. In the right middle box, select the options affected by the rule - (it will alter this exact option, if the above option is selected)
  13. In the far right box, click the Save button 

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