Product Setup Requirements

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Products inside of DistributorCentral must meet the below requirements to correctly translate into OneSource and become a PromoStandards product. 

Standard Decorated Product Requirements

  1. The product must have at least one "Product Color Information" option type
  2. The "Product Color Information" option must be directly tied to the product's General Options (not to any of the product's Imprint Areas) 
  3. The "Product Color Information" option must have at least one choice

  4. The product must have at least one imprint area defined 
  5. The imprint area must have at least one "Decoration Information" or "Decoration Color Information" option tied to it.
    If the imprint area's decoration has imprint colors, the option must be the "Decoration Color Information" option type (i.e. A Green Cup has a Red silkscreen imprint) 

Standard Blank and/or Decorated Product Requirements 

  1. DistributorCentral's base product price on the "Regular" product version must use the blank product's price
  2. The "Has Blank Version" attribute must be active 
  3. Product must have imprint area and decoration options available (temporary requirement until OS) 

Blank Only Product Requirements

  1. The "Regular" product version must be the blank price 
  2. The "Has Blank Version" attribute must be active
  3. Product must not have Imprint Areas or Decorations added


  1. Add imprintAreaGUID and ChoiceGUID to SQL table.
  2. Set DC Only Attribute "One Source Ready"
  3. Make sure supplier's account is set to the correct OneSource Tier.
  4. Confirm product(s) moved to OneSource and can be requested via PromoStandards

Table name:  itemOptionChoiceOptionGroups
GUID names:  OptionGroupGUIDItemOptionChoiceGUID

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