Getting Started with Product Setup

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Entering your products into the system may seem like a complicated task. However, when approached correctly, configuring your products for efficient order processing and proper display on your website is a simple matter. 

Before adding your products, review the lists below to prepare for the product setup process. 

Product Setup Checklist:

  1. Are your product images in the proper format? 
    • Acceptable file type: JPG or PNG
    • File Size Requirements (there are no maximum file sizes)
    • Main & Additional images must be AT LEAST 750px on the longest side
    • Marketing Images must be AT LEAST 500px on the longest side
    • Templates must be AT LEAST 500px on the longest side
  2. How will your products fit into specific product categories?
  3. What catalogs will products be entered in? 
  4. What information is needed when an order is received for each product?
  5. How are prices broken down for each product, option, and option choice? 

Once you have the above checklist complete, map out your product structure: 

Product Structure Mapping:

  1. Group your products into categories. 
  2. Determine which options apply to multiple products. 
  3. Determine what option types are unique for each product.

Complete the product structure mapping to have a full understanding of how your products need to be ordered online for you to be able to fulfill the order as quickly as possible. 

To help your product mapping, try looking at an order you have received, and break it down by customization information entered by your customer.  

For example: You have an order of 250 Ballpoint Pens in BLUE with Black Ink. The logo needs to be printed in Black and White on the barrel of the pen. 

We can break the order down in this way to understand what type of information is needed for a product: 

  1. printed on the barrel of the pen - imprint location must be specified
  2. printed in Black and White - imprint color must be specified 
  3. with Black Ink - Pen ink color must be specified
  4. in BLUE - Product Color must be chosen

Once you have the product structure complete, you can begin entering products, options, and option choices. 

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