Product Data Spreadsheet: Assigning Options & Choices Overview

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You can use the “options” column in the Product Spreadsheet to associate records in your Option Spreadsheet with their corresponding products. 

Likewise, you can use the “choices” column in the Option Spreadsheet to associate choices with their corresponding options.


In the example to the right, the Ceramic Mug is our product (#100) and it has three options:

  • MC1 - Mug Colors
  • MCI1 - Imprint Colors
  • P100 - Proof Options

The "MC1 - Mug Colors" option, in turn, has three choices:

  • MC101 - White
  • MC102 - Black
  • MC103 - Blue
Use the columns in the Product and Option spreadsheet to ensure that all of your choices and options are tied together correctly when imported into our database:


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