"Ordering" - Product editor

The Ordering tab is used to specify product ordering information not already covered by other tabs. 

  • Product Order Increments
  • Max. Order Quantity
  • Option Sorting
  • Cart Type
  • Recommended Products

"Products must be Ordered in Increments of"
This field allows you to specify an increment, if applicable, that this product must be ordered in. For example, if you are selling magnets that must be purchased in increments of 500, indicate it here. 

"Maximum Order Quantity"
If there is a maximum quantity allowed to be ordered for the product, you can specify it by using this field. This can be used for inventory purposes and closeout items. 

"Sort Options for this Product"
This feature allows you to sort the order in which options for this product will appear in your catalog, and in the ordering process. 

If your had two options; imprint color and background stock art, and you wanted your users to choose background stock art before the could choose an imprint color, you could set up the sort order for this product accordingly. 

"You Might Also Like...Products"
You may select up to 5 products that distributors and their customers might like to order in addition to this product. 

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