How to Improve Product Performance with Product Placement

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Boost your products to the top of search results using DistributorCentral Product Placement Manager. Your subscription fees are reimbursed to be used for Product Placement allocation, but don't stop there! Get competitive by adding your own advertising dollars to take the top placement!

With DistributorCentral's Product Placement Manager you can view current product placements and amounts, see what it takes to acquire your desired placement, then launch your product to the top of search results with a click of a button. 

How to Access the Product Placement Manager

  1. While logged into your DistributorCentral account, click on Products in the left side menu

  2. In the menu that appears below Products, select Product Placement Manager

  3. When the Product Placement Manager opens, you'll see the following sections
    • Current / Active Entries - Here is the current, total dollar amount allocated to your products
    • Your Minimum Budget - This total represents the reimbursed subscription fees that you get back to use as Product Placement
    • Under / Over Utilization - Here you will see how many placement dollars you have left to allocate, or how many of your own advertising dollars you have added to your Minimum Monthly Fee listed above.
    • Product Filter - Using the Product Filter search bar, you can isolate a specific product 
      • Show Products with Preferred Values - Filter down to products that have placement amounts
      • Show Products without Preferred Values - Filter down to products that do not have placement amounts
      • Show Products with Both - Show products with and without placement amounts

View & Edit Product Placements

The product placement page will display all products in your account as well as their placement amounts, keywords, current placement, and a line graph to comparie your product's amount to the overall product impressions.  Here's how to alter your product's placement: 

  1. Type in a specific product number or name  into your Product Filter search, then click the magnifying glass button to view that product in your all products list

  2. When that item returns in the search below, you can see the current placement for that product displayed to the right of each keyword assigned

  3. Enter in a desired placement next to your current placement to see what it would take for your product to be placed in that spot. Notice the blue button to the right will display a new amount and placement

  4. When you're ready, click the blue button to the right of the Desired column to add the required placement amount needed to take the desired spot within that keyword search

  5. If you already know how much money you want to place on the product, you can enter that into your New Amount field under the Current Amount section. Then click the Update button that appears below

TIP: When allocating your product placement be sure that you don't have any Under Utilization of your placement dollars!

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