How to use the Design Tool - Hard Goods

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  1. Go to the Products menu

  2. Click on Add/Edit Products

  3. Click on Edit to the right of the product

  4. Click on Designer at the top right of the editor

  5. Click on the green Upload Background button then upload your desired image

  6. Click Save Product Design

Now add the imprint area for this product by adding a logo: 

  1. Click on Add Logo Blockone.jpeg

  2. Arrange and resize it on the page. On your website, this block will behave as a placeholder. Your customers' logos will automatically be placed at your designed location and size

  3. Click Save Product Designtwo.jpeg

Note: This tool currently works best in one of the latest web browsers from Google Chrome.

Image requirements:
  • Blank image (no imprint) for each color of each item.
  • Each image's longest dimension should measure at least 750 pixels; and ideally between 1000 to 2000 pixels.
  • The position of the items within each image should be replicated as closely as possible from color to color for each style (with no skewing of the images) to replicate the logo placement consistently.

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