How to Find an Order Without the Order or Purchase Order Number

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  1. From your supplier dashboard, click the Orders drop down in the top right under the search field

  2. In the drop down menu, click Search

  3. On the Orders from Distributors page you can search orders by fields like Order Status, Product Name, Product Number, Distributor Company Name, orders created within a specified range of day, and more!three.png

  4. Enter search criteria in the relevant search field

  5. Click Search to return the orders relevant order results

  6. If your account has only one matching order you will be taken directly to the order summary page
    • If your account has more than one order that matches your search criteria, the next page will load a list of orders to search through 

      When you find the order you're looking for, click the order number to open the order summary to manage the order as needed.six.png

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