How to Download Order Artwork

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Once artwork files are uploaded to a purchase order in DistributorCentral, you can download those files at any time to create production ready art, create artwork proofs, and more!

Here's how to download artwork files from an order inside DistributorCentral:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate order summary page for the artwork file 
    Learn how to find an order in DistributorCentral >> 

  2.  Within the PO Summary section, find the "Artwork From Distributor" sectiontwo.png

  3. Click the number found directly to the right of Artwork From Distributor heading
    (The number shown here represents the number of files uploaded to the order and will vary from order to order)

  4. Next on the Saved Artwork page, check the box to the left of each file you'd like to downloadfour.png

  5. With the art files selected:
    • Click "Individually Download Selected Art" to download each file one-by-onefivea.png

    • Click "Download Select Art as Zip" to compress the files and download them as a single zip filefiveb.png

    • Click "Email Files as Attachments" to send and save the art files laterfivec.png

    You're art files are now downloaded and ready for processing by your graphics team!


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